Our aim to provide short-term return and carry the companies to the level of world standards in line with the needs of our customers through the services we offer as Dünya Dilleri.

Another service we offer you valuable customers with our 30 years of experience is the consultancy service we apply for persons and entities which target continuous progress.

Thanks to the trust of you towards us, we provide our service best for more than 30 years.

We work for providing the translation need of not only Turkey, but also the entire world through our 30 years of knowledge and we merge our experience with the standards and innovations of 21st Century.

"wir sprechen die gleiche Sprache.
we speak same language"

Who we are?

Dünya Dilleri Tercüme İç ve Dış Ticaret Limited Şirketi has wide and competent translator personnel expert in primary world languages since 1980. It has been providing service for a long time for all translation works and Consultancy Affairs for the undersecreteriats, many private and public firms and institutions such as TRT Legal Consultancy, Prime Ministry Project Application Department, Turkish Atomic Energy Agency, Sugar Factories, Botaş, National Lottery, Undersecreteriat of Customs, TPAO, Shell, etc. devamı >>

Foreign investment consultancy

Foreign Company Establishment
Preparation of documents required for company establishment or branch establishment, their translation, obtaining permits from related authorities and preparation of all infrastructures required for your foreign company establishment.

Foreign Investment Opportunities
Researches of investment opportunities, tenders and incentives, market researched, analysis of political and economic situations of the countries and selection of regions where you can invest more reliably for countries primarily in the Middle East.


Our customer relations are based on trust. It is a principle of ours to enrich ourselves by the advanced technologic innovations, and meet your needs in a timely and perfect manner. Customer satisfaction is above all.